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In our grip order form you we'll ask you a few questions about how you would like your grips.  Not sure what to pick?  We hope the following information helps.  Of course also feel free to contact us about lingering questions.

Attachment Style
This is very much a personal preference and the best bet is to ask your coach.  Hook and loop provides the most adjustability, but will wear eventually and can come undone if not secured with a rubber band or tape.  Buckle grips will not wear as much, but provide less adjustability.  Hook and loop + a buckle sits in the middle between these two, however can be bulky for some gymnasts. 

Hook and Loop Example
Double Buckle 3x2.jpg
Combo Example.jpg

Grip personalization comes free with every purchase!  No more writing on your grips.  Enter your name, initials, club name, a word of encouragement, or anything else you wish!  10 characters max.

Sienna 3x2.jpg
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