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Custom gymnastics grips designed, personalized, and individually fabricated for each gymnast!

How does it work?

1.) Get your grip sizing tool

2.) Complete the order form

3.) Fill the invoice

To the gymnast
Are you always looking for a better grip on the equipment? Grips that are tailored specifically to you feel and perform better.

To the coach
Do you dread new grip day? Save the hassle of "fiddling" with grips when they fit right out of the package and get back to training.

To the parent
Are grips as confusing as the names of skills? Have the coach/gymnast fill out our order form and simply put your email down at the last step for payment.

There is no "best" set of grips. There is the right pair of grips for you and your gymnastics... That is why custom matters.

All grips are $75/pair.

The current wait time between an order form being filled and an invoice sent is approximately:

20 Business Days
Updated: 6/17/2024


*After an invoice is filled grips generally ship within 5 business days.

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